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At three books and counting, Dr. Gottlieb has written on topics ranging from education reform to early-modern English drama, and the unlikely points where those two extremes intersect. Click the cover images for links.

The Obama administration had a specific theory about what "good teaching" is, how it could be learned, and how it ought to be judged. They encouraged states to revamp their policy infrastructures accordingly.  This book asks whether the theory was likely to work as intended.  Spoiler: No. 

Shakespearean tragedy is readily understood to have important truths about human nature to teach an audience.  The comedies are weighed much less seriously. This book asks what we might learn from the comedies about how to pursue happiness, build community, and avoid cheating ourselves out of our best lives.

Since No Child Left Behind, school accountability policies have prioritized (some) needs of the state over the interests of local communities.  This book explores how (and why) to amplify the role of local stakeholders in holding schools accountable. Schools are properly responsive to more than one level of government simultaneously, and it is only right that accountability procedures reflect that fact.

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